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For newly registered advisers in the asylum & refugee sector.

Congratulations you are now a registered OISC Adviser, well on your way to becoming an experienced Adviser. For those yet still on your journey of becoming an OISC regulated Adviser Good Luck! This manual should provide you with a practical and useful guide on your journey to becoming a confident and experienced immigration advisor.


This handbook aims to provide support and guidance to newly registered OISC Advisers. Seeking to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge of immigration rules and regulation, and the practicalities of managing a real immigration case not only to a high standard but to also comply with OISC standards. To feel more confident handling a case with minimal supervision.

Equip advisors with practical tools that they can use and have to hand in their day-to-day practice. Most of these resources are available on the big world of the web and the purpose of this handbook is to bring as many of these resources possible together in one place to enable newly registered caseworkers to have this information at their fingertips without spending valuable time scouring the internet.


Whilst a lot of care has been taken to provide up-to-date and relevant approaches to giving legal advice, much of this is based on our own experience within the Advice Project in Bradford. As well as being underpinned by the OISC and SRA professional conduct guidance.

The information contained in this guide is for general information purposes only. Whilst Refugee Action has made best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information presented in this document, we make no representations or warranties of any kind either explicit or implicit concerning the accuracy, reliability or suitability of the information for individual cases or requirements. Irrespective of these terms, Refugee Actions accepts no liability for any loss or damages resulting from the application of this guide.

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