⚖️Organisational Compliance

This section is for your information only as it is the organisation that has to fulfil these requirements not the Advisor.

4.1 OISC Supervision Plans

The OISC does not require registered caseworkers to have supervision plans or supervisors if they are working within their level. However they sometimes allow caseworkers to work above their level under the supervision of a higher level caseworker. For further information see the documents below.

PDF: Guidance Note on Supervision (OISC)

This guide covers the duties of supervision, restrictions and observations. It also includes a supervision checklist.

PDF: Application to Supervise Trainee Advisers (OISC)

The application form is for OISC registered organisations applying to supervise trainee advisers.

PDF: Supervision Log Book Jan 18 (GOV.UK)

The supervision log book is to be maintained as a record of the supervisor and supervisees’ discussions and file reviews.

4.2 File Reviews

The OISC recommends that at least three separate file reviews per supervised person are conducted each month. However, the OISC recognises that the type and complexity of the cases being handled by the supervisee, as well as their level of experience, will influence how many case files are reviewed.

4.3. OISC Complaints Procedure

A client can complain to the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) if they think you have given them poor advice or an inadequate service, They can complain about any adviser, solicitor or barrister – even if they didn’t find them through the OISC.

Webpage: OISC Complaints Form (GOV.UK)

This form is for those who wish to complain about the immigration advice or services they received from their adviser. The complaints form is in different languages.

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