3.6 Common Documents on an immigration file
The documents the client will need to provide with their application depending on their circumstances. Some documents are mandatory and others need to be provided depending on the client’s circumstances.
The following list should help you to identify documents that your client can provide to support their case. It's important to provide all of the documents needed, as not doing can lead to a refusal of the application.This is not an exhaustive list.
The documents required will depend on your clients circumstances and the type of application they are making. Always look at the requirements of the relevant immigration rules to check whether any further documentation may be required.

Common documents:

    Signed Confidentiality/Consent Form
    BRP card
    ARC card
    Birth Certificates
    Translations (if applicable)
    Documents for Dependents
    Previous Reps Letters
    NASS support letters
    Reasons for Refusal Letter
    Determination - Court Decision
    Decision on Further Submission
    Fresh Evidence
    Home Office Grant letters
    English Language Test (if applicable)
    TB Test Certificate (entry clearance applications)
    Evidence of Income e.g. wage slips, JSA, universal credit, s bank statement from all banks current & savings, letters of support, child tax credit, working tax credit, ESA, PIP
    Evidence of Expenditure, e.g. letters confirming debt owed, tenancy agreement, council tax bills
    Evidence of family and private life, child support, court letters, school letters, utility bills, letters of extra curriculum activities, church, mosque, community letters, social workers, medical report
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