2.3 Applying for Registration

The purpose of this section is to explore the different stages of OISC registration and the requirements that need to be satisfied to enable OISC registration. You would need to complete and submit an electronic version of the application form every time you are moving up a Level.

The application forms detail the level of experience that the OISC expects advisers to have when applying at a given level. HOWEVER, these expectations, if applied rigidly, would prevent many charitable organisations and their advisers from ever being able to register or raise levels.

The OISC does have discretion to approve advisers who have less than the required experience, or even no experience. They will be more likely to approve advisers if they know that the organisation is taking steps to address the risk that might be posed by inexperienced advisers. There are some low risk models of advice, for example:

  • Specialisation in a narrow range of applications

  • Gathering evidence, collating documents and giving limited advice before an onward referral under legal aid

Adopting such a model will help to justify registering advisers with less than the asked-for experience.

In general, advisers should not pre-judge whether or not the OISC will think they have enough experience. They should present any experience that they do have in their application to register or raise levels. The OISC will not unreasonably reject applications. Passing an assessment will be a powerful factor in favour of approval.

PDF: The New Adviser Application and Competence Statement (GOV.UK)

This is the application form to be completed when you are contemplating registration with OISC.

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