2.1 Who are OISC

OISC stands for the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner.

The OISC usually seeks to promote first and foremost the adviser’s development and progression, nevertheless the OISC is a statutory body, a regulator and an enforcer.

OISC regulates immigration advisers ensuring that advisers are competent, and ensure that advisers act in the client‘s best interest. The Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner was set up under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 (GOV.UK). Under this act the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 (GOV.UK) and the Immigration Act 2014 (GOV.UK) it has powers to:

  • Limit or vary levels of work advisers may undertake

  • Lay a disciplinary charge against a regulated adviser

  • Apply for a restraining order or an injunction

  • Prosecute for illegally providing immigration advice and/or services

  • Prosecute for illegally advertising immigration advice and/or services

  • Enter an adviser’s premises

  • Seize an adviser’s records

The OISC does not provide immigration advice or recommend or endorse any specific immigration adviser.

Webpage: Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (GOV.UK)

Visit the OISC Website to find out more.

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