How the toolkit came about.

This guide would not have seen the light of day without the dedication and passion of our colleagues, the support and feedback of the advice project caseworkers and volunteers have been equally invaluable.


This handbook has been created for The Good Practice Team at Refugee Action by:

Handbook author: Advice and Wellbeing Project Manager (Bradford), Refugee Action.

Content development: James Conyers - Legal Trainer and Student Support Officer Refugee Action.

Design & development: Elizabeth Rose, Noam Sohachevsky and Shivy Das of SIDE Labs, a user-research and no-code design agency for the social sector.

This handbook was funded by Community Justice Foundation.

The Immigration Caseworker Toolkit builds on the knowledge, experience and resources from The Good Practice Team, SRA and OISC websites and resources from various websites that are cited in this Toolkit.

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